Websockets and LEDs, controlling from my laptop and iPad browsers

Hacking Journalism covered in the Guardian

Hacking Journalism, an event I threw at the Media Lab, was covered in the Guardian Developer blog.

Guardian Developer Blog: Hacking Journalism at the Media Lab

Excited to see that it is gaining momentum and notice from one of the leading news companies.  They’re certainly setting an example of exceptional journalism exploring new technologies. 

Hacking Journalism was a great success in bringing coders and writers together to formulate hopeful, original and sometimes funny visions of what tomorrow’s journalism could be.”

They also refer to me as “the ever exceptionally groomed Kawandeep Virdee”. ^_^

enabling automatic updates for wordpress on digital ocean

I’ve spent the last few days migrating my site which was down for a bit.  I set it up on Digital Ocean, which has tons of tutorials to guide you through the ops process.  The hardest part so far was getting the updates to work automatically on wordpress. This tutorial is very helpful:

wordpress secure updates on ubuntu - digital ocean

 I was still getting the error ‘Public and Private keys incorrect for user’, and I kept trying different things around permissions.  I tail’d auth.log and saw that my user was not allowed to ssh in, even though I added it to AllowUsers in the ssh config.  I came across this question:

ssh allow users - stack exchange

There I saw the option to restart the ssh server. After doing that and refreshing the update page on my wordpress everything worked great.